Prouder. De site voor trotse ouders, die vals beschuldigd zijn
en voor opa's en oma's, broers, zussen en vrienden die er ook last van hebben dat dit in Nederland kan.
Laat van je horen. Just a dad..... MAKE A NOISE!
Ook in Nederland plegen jaarlijks vele mannen zelfmoord die alles zijn kwijtgeraakt door valse beschuldigingen en ontvadering. Daarom: laat van je horen voor alle ouders die alles denken te zijn kwijtgeraakt!
Another Dad-
A Canadian Fathers rights Activist died on Sunday. He was  only 37 years old. He went into an open field in a car and gassed himself to  death in the ‘usual way’.  To all intents and purposes her was a normal  loving father  and constructive productive citizen but divorce, separation  from his children, harassment from his ex-wife, false accusations to the police  and pressure from the ‘Child Support Industry’  caused him to lose  everything. He could not take it anymore and he took the only way out that he  had to get away from the pain and despair.  There is lots more I could say  about this case but I won’t because you all know how it ‘went down’  in  modern parlance.  Not even his name is important. What is important is that  he was a man and a Dad, a comrade and activist brother as well as a fellow  Canadian and the critical issue is I think...what are you-we- all  going to  DO about it? Wait for the next one and just accept the latest statistic as  another one of the over 3,000 men who kill themselves every year for the same or  similar reasons?  Or are we going to get involved?
“Our  lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that  matter”
Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr.
Distributed  by
Jeremy  Swanson
Ottawa.  Ontario


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